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Business Mobile Phones

3 ways to save on business mobile phones from Oricom

  • Free landline to mobile calls with our unified communications solutions
  • Bill monitoring and control
  • Independent advice

With a unified communications solution, with Oricom providing all of your communications software and hardware, you get free landline to mobile calls. No need to worry about the cost of calling field staff from the office.

Your local account manager will routinely monitor your billing and usage while looking for more ways to save you money. Stop wading through list of call charges, use your time more constructively while confident in the knowledge you're getting the best value from your mobile hardware and contracts.

We provide expert advice and we're independent of any network meaning we can offer you the best business mobile phones, contracts and tariffs to meet your needs. We work with all the networks while tied to none, allowing us to negotiate the best tariffs on your behalf.

Oricom works with SMEs and provides enterprise level solutions to companies across Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh.

Save even more with a flexible hardware fund

More to Oricom and if you chose not to purchase new hardware, we'll credit your flexible hardware fund. The fund is yours to set against future hardware costs, line rental or calls and it won't expire.

4 ways Oricom can make your business mobile phones more effective
  • Save time by letting us come to you for personal customised advice
  • Choose from the latest phones, tablets & data SIMs
  • Tailored billing to meet your needs
  • Local dedicated account manager and 24/7 UK support

Whether you operate a fleet of taxis', manage field engineers or oversee insurance brokers or healthcare staff, the needs of your business are unique. We'll help you avoid the costly mistake of hiring or buying the wrong kit. Your local account manager will offer advice on what's right for you and will make the most of your resources with a customised set up.

Do you need basic handsets or the latest smartphones? Working with all the hardware manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony Experia, Blackberry and Nokia we can provide any number or combination of phone or tablet devices.

What information do you want to see on your bill? We'll set it up that way. You tell us what you need to know and we'll tailor your billing to deliver the information you want, when you want it.

Avoid headaches with our fully managed porting process

When you move to Oricom we don't just leave you to muddle through yourself. You'll receive a fully managed end to end porting service.

Your staff can keep their existing numbers while we can be on site to issue new phones or SIMs. All hardware and numbers are catalogued; phones, batteries and SIMS are packaged and stickered with the name and number of the new owner so your day to day operations continue without interruption.

Unified communications across Scotland from Oricom

Do you need lone worker protection? We can sort it. Do you want to save money by sharing voice, data and text allowances? We can do that too. In fact, our packages offer such a degree of flexibility we can do just about anything you ask.

Oricom are driving down business mobile phone costs for businesses across Scotland. We show you how to use the latest technology to be more productive and cost effective.

To find out exactly what we can do for you call us now on 0800 8495 222 or use the contact us form.

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